Sustainable solutions for the present for the future

We develop computer solutions for Receptive Travel. To support the receptives in their direct connection with travelers in the organization of tailor-made trips and ensure a quality trip with optimal management of the company that welcomes them at the destination.

We are characterized by a critical spirit in the search for the best software solutions for the problems of the receptive.

Contractual Relationship

In our employment relationship there is no concept of employer/employee.
Each Collaborator is a service provider and invoices its services but joins a Community united for 10 years of joint work. This is the basis of our collaborative model.

Work Lines

Opportunities to learn, develop and be part of an exciting software development experience.

Work Environment

 It is based on sincere and relaxed work -often even humorous- but with responsibility for the deep analysis of the problems in the search for sustainable solutions.

The day to day is focused on the integration of the solutions that each person contributes, and the implementation of these in production environments.

What we want

Rigor, autonomy and curiosity.

Open mind to assimilate observations.

Contribute honestly to the analysis and improvement of solutions.

Complete Remote working

You can shape your career path according to your preferences and harmonize your professional career with your personal well-being.